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    Rules And Regulations [Please Read]



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    Rules And Regulations [Please Read]

    Post  gamershotspot on Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:29 pm

    You HAVE To Follow The Rules Listed Below In Order To Maintain Status On Forum: (S = Section)

    S-A=Please Respect The Admin, Moderator, Support Moderator And All The Other Members Of The Forum!
    (If Not Followed, You Will Be Banned For 1 Days)

    S-B=No Pornography Content Allowed! (If Not Followed, You Will Be Banned For 1 Day)

    S-C=No Copyright Infringement Allowed! (If Not Followed, You Will Be BANNED FOREVER

    S-D=No Bad Words Allowed, Our Word Censor Program Is Active Which Replaces Bad Words By Other


    S-E=In Order To Become A Moderator, You Will Have To Respect All The Members And Give About 300

    Good Answers(POST A REQUEST For Being A Moderator In REQUEST Section)

    S-F=In Order To Become A Global Moderator, You Will Have To Give About 250 Good Answers And Help All The Users. Also Respect The Admin, Moderator And Other Users Too! (POST A REQUEST For Being A Global Moderator In REQUEST Section)

    S-G=If Your Banned, DON'T MAKE Another Account As Your New Account WILL BE BANNED Again For BAN

    EVASION, Rather Post In REQUEST Section WITH DETAILS If You Were Banned For No Reason!

    S-H= Don't Spam For Advertisement, You Will Be Banned For 10 Days(Rather Advertise In Our ADVERTISE


    Moderators And Support Moderator Are Given Special Rights!

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